This is your gateway to the adventure! From here you can visit the remote areas where we are still allowed to gain access!  Maps, GPS tracks, WayPoints and the all important personal observation.

Pick a State and find a trail
New Trail in NM!
We take a 1/2 day jeep trip through the sand stone (Slick Rock) of Gallup NM      

GPS tracks, WayPoints and pictures of the interesting places we visit. The trails web page will also connect you with maps of the trails, trail descriptions photos of the scenery offered for those of us who are willing to "travel to road less traveled"

Trails in New Mexico

 !/2 day trip into the sandstone outside of Gallup NM. And what about the pretty woman with the BIG gun!

Caballo Lake

Dona Ana Trail

Rustlers Fire Trail

GPS Tracks
GPS Way Points

Looking toward trinity site

We go to Las Cruces NM and partake in the
Chili Challenge

Hopping Jalapino

San Diego Mt. Trail   \/

Trails in UTAH

Choke Cherry Trail

Trails in COLORADO

Holy Cross City in CO

We go to Death Valley and explore
Titus Canyon
 An easy drive with a dizzying variety of scenery.

Picketpost Mt trail

Trails in Arizona

Box Canyon trail

Martinez Canyon

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