Jeepín Chris's Kick Yo Butt Salsa

It is important when chopping to leave pieces fairly large.

At the end of the long day of trail riding, there is nothing better than to sit back and watch the sunset over Canyon Lands NP while munching on some great salsa and chips. This is how I make the world's best salsa!

Unfortunately, when I cook I seem to make only one size, and that's large, large enough to feed an army!  Well enough of the excuses - on with the salsa.  

I start with the jar of Chi-Chi's salsa. I know ready-made salsa! it's cheating! I use it as a base to make                                         Jeepín Chris's Kick Yo Butt Salsa;

Take the plum tomatoes remove the seeds. I use a spoon to remove the seeds.

fresh Lime squeezed

1/2 lime

12 -16 OZ jar of Chi-Chi's salsa


ripe plum tomatoes


cloves of garlic


small zucchinis


large Vadalia onion


fresh cilantro

1/4 cup

corn (frozen)

1/2 cup



medium green pepper


scotch bonnet pepper       ***


Serrano peppers        *


Not so HOT




 Remove and discard the cilantro stems.

 Do not use the very end of the onion, as that part is bitter.

Take the Serranos and slice them in cross-section (the thickness of the slices depends on how Hot the Serranos are - the hotter the Serrano the thinner the slices).

Chop the following ingredients until very very fine.                                                   About one-quarter of the onion                                                                   Three cloves of garlic                                                                                   One-quarter of the green pepper                                                                 The scotch bonnet pepper

Add the lime juice mix together and serve. I prefer not to make it the previous day, as I don't want the flavors to mingle. I prefer to have the flavors separate.


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