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   I am going by jeep to areas that the ďroad less traveledĒ will lead us. I will be going to areas that most people will never see.  Down roads that are definitely less traveled. In the past I have been down some of them, from Maine to California, from Washington to Texas.
   This country has many areas that are still remote and BEAUTIFUL and, for now, accessible.  On this web site you will be able to join me and see these remote and fantastic areas.
   I have, and will visit mountain vistas to take your breath away, While camping at 13,000 Ft, I heard a rock fall down a 800 Ft mountain top at 1:00 AM.  I have stood on the edge of a 2,400 ft Gorge (no railings where I go) and looked over to watch a Bald Eagle start at the bottom and soar up out of sight!!  I have seen long horn sheep, antelope, bear, scorpions and so much more!
   You can join along with me!  On my web site you will find GPS tracks, waypoint, pictures, maps and stories of the places we go!

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We start in Scituate MA.

The adventure has started!
Iíve been to the Pacific! I have started my trip back
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How to cook a meatloaf while you drive

We arrive in Dana Pt. CA

I invite you to join me on a cross country Odyssey of our great country the
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Articles on; the trip and places we visit. For most of the places we visit, I will have GPS tracks and coordinates in the articles.

We go to;
   San Diego Mt NM, Tonuco a ghost mining
         community in Las Cruces NM
   Death Valley and visit Titus Canyon CA
   CanyonLands NP
and many other places!

The areas we will be visiting, are still accessible for now!. As more and more areas become closed due to the "No New Roads Initiative," so too is our ability to access these areas. For the initiative not only prevents making new roads, it closes existing roads, which means we can't get there anymore.

Areas we will visit on the road less traveled include;

Colorado River Overlook UT.

Choke Cherry overlook UT

Holy Cross City CO.  10,000 feet

We will be visiting Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and California.  Basically we will be traveling the southwest. As the weather warms up we will move on to Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington.....

Lake Powell UT

Parker AZ.

Death Valley CA

I will be going to the remoter parts of these United States.

Some people use jeeps to see how fast they can break something, some people use them to see how fast they can get there, I use them to get to the remote areas, while the roads are still open.

I canít backpack,  I canít go by ATV.  So while OUR lands are still open I will be going by Jeep!

I WILL ONLY travel on EXISTING ROADS! Granted you wonít be able to get a Volvo down the roads I will be using but rest assured I have too much respect for our PUBLIC lands to drive ďcross countryĒ. I will stay on EXISTING ROADS.

Gila Nat. Forest

Needles district CanyonLands NP   Utah

We'll always use the "tread lightly" philosophy; one of the elements of "tread lightly" is only using existing roads.

We will be visiting remote and beautiful areas.  At my web site you will be able to visit these areas with me before they are locked away. We will be traveling on "the road less traveled."

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Articles on

How to make                            JEEPíN CHRISíS KICK YO BUTT SALSA

I add a belt driven Air Compressor to my 2000 TJ

Why should I air down

Dona Ana Mt NM

Trails we visited

Holy Cross city CO

Death Valley CA

Hopping Jalapeno NM

Rustlers Fire Trail

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